iWake-Up Sunrise Clock – More Relaxing Than Ordinary Alarm Clocks

iWake-Up Sunrise Clock

iWake-Up Sunrise Clock is a smartly made ordinary alarm clock that wakes you up stylishly by giving you sunrise-style light so you’ll have a more relaxing, more natural wake up perfect for setting up your mood to face another day with a peace of mind unlike those noisy alarm clocks that impolitely wakes you up using its very disturbing sound.

iWake-Up Sunrise Clock 2

iWake-Up Sunrise Clock features 30mins of steady light increasing intervals, a snooze sensor function, different alarm sound effects like natural, ascending beeps and sounds from your favorite radio stations. iWake-Up Sunrise Clock is not just one of those ordinary alarm clocks because it can also be used as a traditional reading lamp complete with sleep timer and some ports for connecting your favorite music player.

– £109.00 at iwantoneofthose