iSpy Digital Camera Binoculars – Now You Can Spot And Shot Important Events

iSpy Digital Camera Binoculars

Never miss that important scene again, here’s iSpy Digital Camera Binoculars perfect for capturing that essential scenarios of your favorite events using its 1.3 megapixel camera. The iSpy Digital Camera is also ideal for bird watchers and a good resource for every creative family. Simply watch and shot and the next good thing would be uploading those pictures into your PC for some editing and easy sharing.

The iSpy Digital Camera Binoculars works with MAC and PC and comes with all the necessary tools so you can start recording videos and capturing digital photos or even use it as your own pc camera. Other specification includes an internal 16MB memory, 1.3 CMOS image sensor, 3-digit screen display, 1.1 USB connection interface and 28mm lens.

– £31.95 at boysstuff