iRiver M Player 1GB MP3 Player – Your Tiny Mickey Mouse figure Music Player

Here’s a Mickey Mouse shaped MP3 player that is so small and light but is a big contender in the market for tiny players.

Just twist the left ear to control the volume, twist right to change tracks, fast forward and rewinds plus it comes with a long lasting Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery that gets 9 hours of playback time plus a handy LED indicator so you can monitor when the M Player is fully charged.

Mickey Mouse MP3 Player

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iRiver M Player 1GB MP3 Player is ideal for Mickey Mouse fanatics out there because it also features different unique controls and fantastic build quality. The iRiver M Player 1GB MP3 Player is controlled by using the player’s ears, which means no more tricky buttons.

– £29.35 at advancedmp3players