iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Concept Designs: Beauty Imagined

This article is written by Amanda Kidd.

Apple fans, there is a great news for you. There’s likely to be a great chance for you to see a new iPhone and iPad within few months. If you believe the reports, the next generation of Apple’s iPhone and even the iPad will hit the markets this year in October. They will be unveiled in September and the shipping will start in October. The commercial version of the next iPhone will be known as ‘iPhone4S’ or ‘iPhone5’ and the iPad will be named as ‘Third Generation iPad’ or ‘iPad3.’

About 85 million iPhones and 45 million iPads are supposed to be shipped n the year 2011, which means Apple will leave HP way back and become the leading PC producer. Such an aggressive production indicates that Apple is betting big on the post PC world. Reports say that the new iPhone will not be the upgraded version of the previous one; it will be a complete new package including soft features as well as shape.

Hardware Specifications

The iPhone 5 is expected to have a revolutionary A5 processor, a camera of 8-megapixel, and a mini SIM card. It will support iOS 5.

The new version of the iPad 3 sports a 250 per-inch-pixels (PPI) display and will be even lighter and thinner than the current iPad2 model. It will be lower than the Retina Display of iPhone4 that is 326 PPI. You can expect the Magsafe chargers as an addition in iPad 3, the same chargers that are used in Mac Book range of laptops.

Other details are currently unavailable but for both the products, Simplo Technologies and Dynapack International Technology will manufacture the batteries, Wintek and TPK holding will be responsible for touch panel modules, and Catcher will be the in-charge of chassis. Largan Precision will manufacture the camera and Foxconn Electronics will assemble the devices at their plants in China.


Apple will release iPad 3 or iPhone5, just eight months after the release of iPad 2 or not, only Apple knows for sure. DigiTimes, a trade publication of Taiwan, says that Apple has started commissioning parts for the third generation iPad and fifth generation iPhone. However, if we listen to the report made by the FBR Capital Market Analysts, the iPad model will not even appear until 2012.

According to the IT pro, the launching of the new version of iPad is not necessary for Apple because of two reasons; one the iPad is the top selling tablet. Second, Apple don’t have any competitor in this market, with over 100, 000 iPad applications the other tablet makers-Samsung, HP, Acer looks very far away in the race. However, may be Apple is planning to arrive with new range of devices, prior to its competitors becomes strong.

The above stated facts and specifications are not confirmed nor denied by Apple. We can only wait and watch.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who has a weakness for fashion accessories, especially shoes and bags. She loves expensive phones and is planning to add sony ericsson android.