iPhone 4 Mini Microscope – A Great Add-on for Your Cool New iPhone 4 Gadget

You want to see small objects using a USB Microscope? Sure, how about using your iPhone to zoom in and get up close and personal to those tiny objects? Yes you can with iPhone 4 Mini Microscope.

This Mini Microscope allows you to view small objects by simply attaching it to your iPhone screen ideal for anyone who needs some kind of special microscope to view and identify objects that are usually not visible for human eyes.

iPhone 4 Mini Microscope

iPhone 4 Mini Microscope features 3 integrated LED lights and uses 3 x LR1130 batteries. This Mini Microscope is perfect for students, jewelers, watch repairer and even individuals who just want to explore on tiny objects without bringing in additional gadgets because this one can easily be hooked up to your favorite iPhone gadget.

This iPhone Mini Microscope is unique, very light and petite ideal for kids ages 12years and above or for any traveling geeks out there who loves to have some kind of fun time anytime anywhere. A great add-on for your iPhone 4 actually!

-£29.99 at iwantoneofthose

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