iPad Pen – Now you can write or draw fluidly on your iPad

You want to take down notes, jot down memos or even sketch your latest favorite cartoon character on your iPad? Use the iPad Pen, a wireless stylus that allows iPad owners to write and draw naturally on their ipad just like using a pen and paper.

iPad Pen allows you to write or draw fluidly, it even allow you to rest your hands on the screen just to make sure you’re comfortable enough while you sketch or write plus it even allows you to save your work in jpg format so you can edit or even share them on your favorite social media websites.

iPad Pen

This iPad Pen is compatible with your favorite idealnotes or flynotes apps which can be downloaded freely, while its included infrared receiver allows you to transform the pen into a familiar notepad.

iPad Pen 2

The iPad Pen already comes with replacement tip and batteries so you can start taking notes and sketching doodles right away, just don’t forget to plug the receiver though into the 30-pin charging port. Go ahead and try it.

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