ION Piano Apprentice Controller Dock – Now you can practice, perform and write music anywhere

Got an iPad? Great, how about using it to learn how to play piano? Cool, check this unique Piano Apprentice Controller Dock, a 25-note lighted keyboard that allows you to learn how to play piano simply by following the piano keys that appears on your iPad, iPhone and iPod. Cool!

ION Piano Apprentice Controller DockION Piano Apprentice Controller Dock features a velocity sensitive keys so you can follow along nicely plus it is very light and portable, meaning, you can learn, play your favorite piano pieces by following lighted keys or by playing on your own, just don’t forget to download the free piano teaching app at iTunes and you’re good to go.

This battery powered Piano Apprentice Controller Dock is MIDI compliant and is the only thing you need if you want to practice, perform or even write music anywhere you are.

-£79.99 at iwantoneofthose