ION iCade Retro Gaming Arcade Cabinet – Ideal for Arcade Gaming Fanatics

Compatible with iPad and iPad 2, the ION iCade Retro Gaming Arcade Cabinet is perfectly designed to give arcade gaming fanatics an awesome arcade experience of course with modern touch because this time, you don’t have to fall in line and wait for your turn in order to play your favorite arcade games.

This iPad Arcade Cabinet is intended to grip your iPad at any position you want, be it portrait or landscape, you have the full control. Simply position the iPad to the arcade cabinet, grab the joystick with your left hand and your fingers to the buttons and you’re good to go.


ION iCade Retro Gaming Arcade Cabinet

ION iCade Retro Gaming Arcade Cabinet also features a wireless connectivity between the iPad and the arcade cabinet, a secured stand to hold the iPad and of course tons of iPad compatible games where you can have fun right at the comfort of your very own home.

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This iCade Gaming Cabinet also comes with instruction manual and a quick start guide so you and your other geek friends can start playing arcade games on their iPad the unique and stylish way.

-£74.99 at iwantoneofthose

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  1. I would definitely want that! I wonder how it would look on my office desk, wonder what will my bosses think.. lol!

  2. they left out a shitload of stuff. 1) you can jaalerbik the ipad and load imame4all, and load up some serious arcade machine, and is compatible with the icade. 2) it is a dock, they forgot to mention that you can wire your ipod connector through the iade to keep it charging while you play. 3) instead of AA batteries, you can plug in a 5V power cord, so the icade wont die.

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