Interlink ePad Electronic Signature Pad – Captures Handwritten Signatures Perfectly

Interlink ePad Electronic Signature Pad is a gadget for capturing handwritten signatures so you can officially bind them electronically to all your digital transactions and electronic documents. Interlink ePad Electronic Signatures Pad offers different plugins so you can use it to all your office applications like MS Word and PDF documents.

Interlink ePad Electronic Signature Pad also features a VersaPad Semiconductive, a Tethered stylus a 300 inch touchpad resolution, a powerful SDK for implementing your electronic signature in any environment and a USB port for powering up the ePad.

– $103.99 at onsale (temporarily not available)

You can also check the Interlink ePad Electronic Signature Pad here and here.


  1. Have used this before while i was still employed and i came to like it .
    So i would like to get mine because am self employeed now. Where in capetown can one get it from? Could u be having thumb pads as well?

    God bless

  2. Hello Ronnie,

    The Interlink ePad Electronic Signature Pad is temporarily unavailable at onsale store, but you can try it from the updated links below.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. An advanced digital signature pad profits and numerous headlines that a great deal of clients are not even caution to. You may as well guarantee that you’re not one of those folks. As an elective, you might as well perceive the vast majority of the top headlines of an electric mark station in place that you know when you make a buy precisely what you are getting.

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