Intellipanel Desktop – Your Energy Saving And Environmental Friendly Computer Gadget

Did you know that leaving electrical paraphernalia on standby wastes millions of energy every year? Study shows that device like monitor, scanner and other computer peripherals on standby wastes an average of 20 watts per hour but with Intellipanel Desktop, now you can help save energy and environment because it reduces your electricity bills by turning computer devices on and off automatically with your PC.

Intellipanel Desktop

The Intellipanel Desktop features an energy-efficient one click intelligent mains panel with full range Auto-Calibration. The Intellipanel Desktop helps protect your PC because it has a built-in power surge protection device plus it save money and help save the environment. How does Intellipanel Desktop work? Well, just plug your PC into sockets 8-way intelligent panel and when you turn your PC on or off, the built-in auto calibration system routinely sends power to or cuts power to the additional outlets. With Intellipanel Desktop say farewell to standby!

– £29.95 at gizoo