Intelligent Wine Cooler – Enjoy A Perfectly Cooled Wine Every Time

Here’s a gadget that can absolutely chilled a selection of wine without any hustle! The Intelligent Wine Cooler lets you select 30 specific temperatures for your preferred wine and once the best temperature has been chosen, your wine is brought up and down to that temperature for you to enjoy.

Intelligent Wine Cooler

Intelligent Wine Cooler features an electronic cooler and warmer with an LCD digital display that guides you through a temperature selection process. The Intelligent Wine Cooler also comes with an insulation collar to speed up the cooling and warming process plus it lets you choose to see the temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It’s so easy, just tap the buttons by the clear back-lit LCD screen and enjoy a perfectly cooled wine every time.

– £69.99 at iwantoneofthose

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  1. there are portable wine coolers which also fit in a small office space. i use them in my home office.

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