Indiana Jones Desktop Accessories – The Most Precious Desktop Accessory Holder

No more messing around with paper clips, pens and pencils and other small desktop items, here’s the perfect accessory that will help you organize everything but in a fashionable way. How? Well, if you love Indiana Jones, then you’ll love it even more because the Indiana Jones Desktop Accessories are designed to help you remember things easily simply by putting important small objects right into Indiana’s treasure holder.

Indiana Jones Desktop Accessories features a Holy Grail that perfectly holds paper clips because it comes with a secret magnet for holding clips nicely. Indiana Jones Desktop Accessories also features a Fertility Idol which holds any size of pens and pencils and the greatest Ark of the Covenant which holds all your business cards for easy keeping. Want more? Hmm, the next thing you should do is to secure that mess and throw them right into these cool desktop accessories. Well ya!

– $34.99 – $39.99 at thinkgeek