In-Depth Review of Tiny Tower Game – Apple Games

This guest article is by James of speedyloan.

Tiny Tower is a free game available on touch-screen Apple devices. It’s a simple game with lots of exciting features. This game may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s certainly a great way to pass the time.

About the game/floors
In this game you start off with a tower. You’re in control of the tower and as the game progresses you earn money to buy more floors.

There are two main kinds of floors: residential and business. The residential floors house up to five ‘Bitizens’ (Tiny Towers’ people). The business floors are used to earn you money to improve your towers. There are five types of businesses: food (bakery, sushi), service (fortune teller, doctor’s office), recreation (night club, museum), retail (toy store, hat shop) and creative (furniture shop, photo studio). Your bitizens work in your business floors and each one has a ‘dream job’. Placing them in their ‘dream job’ will earn you 1-3 tower bux. If your stock takes three hours to arrive, you don’t necessarily have to keep the game open for three hours. The game runs even if you don’t have it open on your device.

tiny tower

In tiny tower there are two kinds of currency: coins and tower bux.
Coins can be used for floors and stock for your tower.
Tower bux can be used to speed up a floor building, upgrading your towers lift/elevator, buying paint for your floors, or moving a bitizen into one of your residential floors.

Other features
Every now and then a red arrow icon pops up at the bottom of your screen. This simply means there is a bitizen waiting to explore your tower. Just press the red icon and the bitizen will tell you which floor then want to get to. All you have to do then, is take them there.

If a blue icon appears it means that someone needs to be found. After you’ve clicked the icon a message tells you who needs to be found and why. For example; ‘Ellie Hernandez has lost some football tickets and they’ve been found in the lobby. Find her and give her the tickets’. Your action: search your tower and find Ellie (a picture of said bitizen will be at the bottom of the screen while you do this). You always get at least one tower buck for finding bitizens.

Occasionally, a red V.I.P icon appears. V.I.Ps benefits your tower and you can take them to any floor you wish. V.I.Ps have special qualities. Here’s a list of what they can do for you;
Construction worker – these bitizens wear orange with yellow hats- They speed up floor building.

Delivery Man – these bitizens wear brown (and sometimes black hats). They speed up floor stocking.

Celebrity – they’re usually women wearing pink outfits and sunglasses. They bring 50 bitizens into the floor with them, increasing the sales.

Big spender – they wear green outfits and yellow ties. They buy out all of a particular product from the floor you deliver them to.

Estate agent – these bitizens wear blue outfits and the men wear red ties. They move bitizens into the spaces of your residential floor.

For a free game, Tiny Tower is massively enjoyable. There aren’t many other free games of this quality and enjoyment level. Have you played Tiny Tower? What do you think of it?

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