iMo Photo Frame Printer – The Latest 8″ Digital Photo Frame With Built-In High Quality Printer

iMo Photo Frame Printer

No more storing or dumping away pictures into your favorite storage drives, here’s iMo Photo Frame Printer that allows you to view your captured photos right into its built in LCD screen and print it right away using its integrated high quality printer. Just insert the memory card into the iMo Photo Frame Printer slot and enjoy instant slideshow of your favorite photos or even take a glossy print out of it simply by pressing a button.

iMo Photo Frame Printer features 8” LCD screen with 800×600 pixel resolution, a memory card slots for USB, SD/MMC, CF and xD, a 1GB internal memory so you can keep images, videos and music without using any memory cards. iMo Photo Frame Printer also supports JPEG photo format up to 16MP and prints directly without the need for a computer.

– $19.99 – $149.99 at thinkgeek