iCruiser External Battery Pack – The Perfect Battery Booster for Keeping Your Gadget Alive For Another Week

You want extra week of battery boost for your favorite gadget? Sure, try iCruiser External Battery Pack, the perfect partner for your latest devices whether it’s a blackberry, iPad 2 or Android powered smart phones, this battery booster will simply keep your cool gadgets working.

iCruiser External Battery PackiCruiser External Battery Pack features a cool 11000mAh capacity lithium ion reliable battery that is capable of providing extra battery life to almost any type of gadgets including your favorite gaming stuffs such as DS and PSPs.

The iCruiser External Battery Pack comes with a retractable USB cable complete with different tips for mini and micro USB meaning you’ll be able to extend your gadget’s battery life for up to 50 hours when playing movies using your iPhone and iPod touch devices and up to 17 hours of movie playing on your iPad 2 device.

If you are tired of listening to your gadgets low battery beep, try iCruiser Battery booster and keep your device alive wherever you are. Try it.

-$79.99 at thinkgeek

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