Icebar V2 Waterproof Nano Speakers – Your Weather Resistant iPod Nano Speakers

Here’s a gadget that lets you listen to your favorite iPod tunes as you splash in your bath or pool. The Icebar V2 Waterproof Nano Speakers is the perfect solution if you want to keep your music up close and personal whatever the condition is because it’s weather resistant.

This Nano Speaker also features a waterproof shell made from shatter-proof polycarbonate material.

Icebar V2 Waterproof Nano Speakers

Icebar V2 Waterproof Nano Speakers

It also features a rubber hanging loop for taking the unit into the shower and a removable float so the unit can float about in the pool, beach or park with you.

This Waterproof Nano Speakers also comes with a discreet folding stand and a crystal clear screen so you can control your iPod using the waterproof click dial membrane.

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– $46.48 at iwantoneofthose