Ice Appliance Combi – The Portable Ice Maker And Hot or Cold Water Dispenser Device

You want ice, hot and cold water at a press of a button? Here’s Ice Appliance Combi, a uniquely designed creation that produces hot or cold water and any sizes of ice in a matter of time unlike any other ice maker or water dispenser.

Ice Appliance Combi

Why? Because the Ice Appliance Combi is very easy to use plus it’s small enough that you can position it anywhere around your home or office for easy hot and cold water or ice of different sizes.

The Ice Combi comes with an ice and water storage, simply fill the storage area with water and start filling that bottle with hot or cold water. The Ice Appliance Combi also comes with an alarm feature that will remind you to refill the water and ice storage plus it features a heating power of up to 550Watts and a cooling power of up to 100Watts.

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– £299.95 at boysstuff