i-Got-Control iPhone Universal Remote – Your Instant Remote Control Device

Now you can remotely control different types of gadgets using your iPhone. What? You read it right, simply connect the i-Got-Control device into your iPhone and enjoy the touch screen interface of your iPhone in communicating with the different home appliances you have instead of using those ordinary remote controls. Cool? Here’s the trick, just download the free application, plug the dock connector and enjoy.

i-Got-Control iPhone Universal Remote features thousands of different codes to downloads for your different home devices and you can also make your own code and save it as a new device in case it’s not in the list and best of all the i-Got-Control iPhone Universal Remote doesn’t require batteries so what are you waiting for, start saving those codes now, get an all-in-one remote control adapter and start switching at those devices easily.

– $69.99 at thinkgeek