Hypnocube Animated LED Cube – Designed To Help You Relax After That Demanding Work

Hypnocube Animated LED Cube is designed to help you relax after that demanding work simply by gazing at the attention grabbing LED lights that winks and morphs while you look intently.

Hypnocube Animated LED Cube is simply an exceptional zoning out gadget that can help you relax every tired muscles in your body starting from your head, legs, toes and fingertips, all you have to do is to look nicely and start feeling your eyelids getting concentrated as you fall deep and deeper into a condition of absolute rest.
Hypnocube Animated LED CubeHypnocube Animated LED Cube uses a nicely constructed 64 multi colored LED light show that perfectly runs for up to 30min. without repetition, this is way much better than staring at a picture.

Try the Hypnocube Animated LED Cube, it’s the modern way of calming yourself down from the life’s fears.

-$99.99 at thinkgeek