Human Voice Clarifying Amplifier – A digital earpiece that amplifies human voice frequencies instead of noise

Can’t hear human voice properly? Use the Human Voice Clarifying Amplifier (VIDEO), a uniquely designed digital earpiece capable of amplifying and clarifying voices. This voice clarifying amplifier uses a sophisticated microchip in order to amplify human voice frequencies of course without worrying about noise background.

Human Voice Clarifying Amplifier

Human Voice Clarifying Amplifier

With human Voice Clarifying Amplifier, spoken words are now clearly audible as compared to other analog voice amplifier, thanks to the device’s unique earpiece design partnered with powerful amplifier, voice pitch are now easy to discern anytime anywhere.

Human Voice Clarifying Amplifier 2

This digital earpiece is rechargeable just enough so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries every time you want to use it plus it even allow you to operate the device for up to 10 straight hours with just a 12-hours of charging.

This amplifier already comes with 8 adjustable volume levels, a carrying case, 4 silicone caps in different sizes and an AC adapter, you also have the option to use triple-a batteries just in case.

Watch the digital earpiece amplifier in action [HERE].

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