How to Monitor an iPhone Using Cell Phone Spying Technology

This guest post is by Anna of mobile spy tool.

Cell phones have become a ubiquitous fixture in the world today. Their pervasive presence also means that they are used in almost every sphere of life – e-commerce, emails, data transfer and so on. Personal lives are greatly enhanced with the use of cell phones. The cell phone’s omnipresent nature also means that it can be misused greatly. Identity theft, business espionage and intelligence leaks are all very real possibilities with a cell phone. In everyday life, a cell phone can put the user at risk as well and when one is talking about a child who has an advanced cell phone then this becomes a scary prospect indeed.

The iPhone is one the leading brands of cell phone in use today and has lent itself to making life easy in many different ways. There are plenty of options as far as cell phone spying technology goes and these can be deployed on an iPhone as well.

Monitoring an iPhone:
Installing a cell phone spying app onto a smartphone is simple and easy. You will need physical access to the cell phone and permission to monitor the same as well. Spy software, as it is called more popularly, has a huge array of features and capabilities which make it convenient to monitor a phone’s location, listen in on calls, monitor the logs pertaining to video calls and messages and even look at the contacts list and so on. It also enables remote monitoring so as to make it possible to keep a check on SIM card changes and listen in on conversations too.

Installing spy software:
There are leading names like StealthGenie, MobiStealth, Mobile Spy and many others which are all easy to install on the iPhone. Most of the products can be purchased very easily by going online. After the purchase is done, one can download the application on the mobile phone within a few minutes. You can then create an online account which allows you to monitor the iPhone online.

Monitoring the iPhone is possible since the application or spy software works extremely silently in the background. Here are a few ways in which you can monitor the iPhone, once it has been equipped with the spy software.

Call recording – monitoring incoming and outgoing calls and recording specific conversations are possible through spy software. There is also a concept of target numbers which means that you can get an SMS alert when the iPhone user makes calls to these particular numbers. Conversations to and from such numbers can be recorded.

Logs – you can monitor and maintain logs of messages, video calls and internet usage on an iPhone with the best of spy software. You can view these logs online without physical access to the iPhone.

Physical location tracking – with spy software, it is possible to track a phone’s geographical location as well. Not only can you view the current location of the phone but also the details of all the locations that the phone and its user have gone through.

Remote control – you can activate the iPhone silently if you want to listen in on conversations happening in remote locations. Call intercepting and access to voicemail is also possible.

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