The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat – gently sways your lower body from side to side to help increase circulation

The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed massage cushion capable of gently swaying the owner’s lower body in order to help hips or even the lower back increase circulation.

The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat

The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat

This massage cushion works by shifting the user’s hips and lumbar in figure 8 trajectory to help get rid of the stress and boost circulation, thanks to the massage seat’s padded foam construction system, providing comfort every time while enjoying the magic of the massage seat is now possible.

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This massage seat even features a slip resistant surface design to help keep the cushion perfectly in place, so whether you are working, relaxing or just plainly sitting while using the massage cushion will not be a problem.

The Hip and Lower Back Massage Seat already includes a built-in controls for 3 massage speed settings and is capable of turning off the massager automatically after every 10 min. of session. This cushion supports user of up to 220lbs.

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