The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome – helps treat respiratory ailments

Looking for a device that will help you treat your respiratory problem? Use the Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome [SOURCE], a uniquely designed salt therapy dome made with authentic Himalayan salt design perfectly for people with asthma and allergy ailments.

The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome

Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome

The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome works simply by releasing airborne salt particles that is charged with negative ions, thanks to its included 15watt light bulb positioned strategically into the dome, sufferers can now enjoy drawing water into the lung’s airways to remove mucus.

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The Himalayan Salt Therapy Dome 1

This salt dome already contains more than 80 important minerals including sulfate, calcium, magnesium and fluoride and is capable of maintaining its effectiveness up to 5 years.

The dome’s lamp base is made with Rosewood while its included 6 feet long cord will allow the owner to plug the device into the AC outlet for some quick ancient remedy of halotherapy to treat their respiratory ailments.

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