Hide A Bar Cabinet – The Coolest Idea in Masking a Full Featured Bar Cabinetry

Hide A Bar Cabinet is simple yet symbolizes the coolest idea in masking a full featured bar cabinetry as compared to other ordinary ones. This naturally styled full height cabinet is molded in unique shiny crown and base to give it even more interesting plus with its classic color, fitting it into your traditional style décors in your dining area should fit nicely without any question.

This Bar Cabinet hides 4 set of stylishly designed shelves and lower racks wherein you can fit up to 22 bottles of wines, you can even gather all your accessories in one place with its pull down shelves. Sounds good eh!

Hide A Bar Cabinet

Hide A Bar Cabinet

Hide A Bar Cabinet also features a beautifully mirrored surface with corner top shelf and stemware roof rack ideal for positioning all your favorite wine glasses.

Built with solid hardwood, veneer components and cherry finished, the Hide A Bar Cabinet also comes with 8 door shelves, top quality drawers, auto-on lights that open automatically once the door is open and an adjustable corner levelers so positioning it everywhere will not be a problem.

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