Headphone Hats – The Unique Hat for Music Lovers

Searching for some cool and unique hats? Here’s a particularly relaxing hat that is fitted with earphones that helps you keep your head warm and at the same time cover your ears.

These Hats are authentic deal; snuggling beanies with high class phones disparate from other hats. The Ha’ts interior phones remain on flush with your lugholes no matter how much head beat you do just perfect for joggers, snowboarder, climbers, chilly commuters and many more to stay up with the cricket.

Headphone Hats

These Headphone Hats are not difficult to clean and rinse because its earphones can be easily detached so don’t you worry to wash these machine-washable beanies. Always take note that earphones are not water-resistant and should always be removed before washing.

Headphone Hats 1

So as long as you’ve got these Headphone Hats, you’ll never lose your passion for music anytime, anywhere.

– £24.99 at Firebox