Grow It Plants – Your 6 Perfect Nifty Unique Plants For You To Cultivate

You want to grow your own strange and wonderful tea, flytrap, jalapeño or tepin plants but can’t be bothered messing about in the backyard? Here’s Grow It Plants, your perfect nifty small themed sets that holds everything you want to cultivate a unique plant from a seed to a fully grown green doodah.

Grow It Plants

Grow It Plants features 6 unique plants that you can choose from and cultivate. Simply pop one of the compost discs in the pot and sprinkle it on the seed. The special disc will expand when watered, you won’t even have to get your hands muddy. Each set comes with lots of seeds so that if at first you don’t succeed, you can still try until you become fascinated by these little thingies as it flourishes and slowly spouts skywards.

– $25.40 at firebox