Is your water from your favorite drinking bottle free from any harmful chemicals, bacteria and other parasites? If not then Go Berkey Kit Portable Water Filter is your answer. [PRODUCT PAGE] Perfect for travellers, hikers, bikers and campers who needs fresh water every now and then, the Go Berkey Kit Portable Water Filter is just perfect especially when you are out there on the trail.

This portable water filter uses a unique and powerful purifying system so both treated and untreated raw water from different water sources can be purified with ease. Designed for any outdoor fun activities or even for those situations where electricity power, water pressure or treated water may not be accessible.

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Go Berkey Kit - Portable Water Filter with Sport Bottle and Carrying Case

Go Berkey Kit Portable Water Filter is constructed using a highly polished stainless steel and comes complete with all the necessary purification element so purifying even up to 1 gallon per hour will not be a problem. No more running out of fresh drinking water, with Go Berkey Portable Water Filter, carrying purified drinking water will not be easy and inexpensive.

The sport berkey portable water purifier bottle included can hold of up to 1 quart of filtered water enough to refresh your thirstiness anytime and anywhere.

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