Globetrotter Kit – Charges Any Gadgets Anytime Anywhere Using Solar Power

You want an advanced charging system that can provide power to any gadgets anytime and anywhere? Then this ultimate battery charging gadget is for you because it comes complete with all the necessary tools like connectors, cables and superchargers.

Globetrotter Kit features 120mA premium quality crystalline solar cells with 1000mAh environmental friendly Li-ion battery and Freeloader Solar Panel that can charge its battery in as little as 3 hours using its supplied USB charging cable. Globetrotter Kit also comes with power master cable and eleven adaptors to fit all iPod products, LG Chocolate series phones, Motorola Series phones, Nokia N series phones, Samsung A288 and D800 series phones, Sony Ericsson’s K750 series phones, Sony PSP, Digital Camera and Two-way Radios.

– £49.95 at boysstuff