GIGABYTE P25W-CF1 Gaming Notebook – For Gamers who wants to do everything quickly and reliably

Gigabyte P25W-CF1 Gaming Notebook [SOURCE] is designed for novice and pro gamers alike who wants to do everything quickly and reliably in order to make every game time an exciting and memorable as possible, thanks to the gaming notebooks unrivaled performance and incredibly fast gaming processor partnered with powerful video card, massive storage device and reliable memory, now you can enjoy high definition graphics and fast 3D gaming experience every time.

GIGABYTE P25W-CF1 Gaming Notebook

GIGABYTE P25W-CF1 Gaming Notebook

The Gigabyte P25W-CF1 Gaming Notebook is also equipped with full HD matte display partnered with air vent dual heat sink cooling design so you can enjoy stunning graphics every time you join any hard game action of course without worrying about overheating.

GIGABYTE P25W-CF1 Gaming Notebook 2

This gaming notebook uses Windows 8 operating system and is powered by Intel’s latest i7 processor and together with the laptop’s top features including 8GB memory, 1TB HDD, 128GB SSD and NVidia GeForce GTX 770M graphics card, the P25 Gigabyte gaming notebook is just the perfect gaming laptop you can’t miss.

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