Giant Lava Lamp – Perfect for Home and Office use

Giant Lava Lamp is a 2 meters tall 20 centimeters in diameter incredible monstrous specially made shapeless bright lamp ideal for adding some awesome unique lighting right into your very own reception area or even at your very own entrance door.

What for? Well, because this big and remarkably designed Lava Lamp is just your way of impressing your guests. Cute!

Giant Lava Lamp

Giant Lava Lamp

Although Giant Lava Lamp isn’t that cheap and can’t be moved once it’s already installed, owning one is simply a geeky way of telling your visitors how successful you are, after all money is nothing especially if you want something special that others can’t handle. So what are you waiting for?

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This Giant Lava Lamp is perfect for home and office use, you can even decide to change its metal base and cap to whatever color you imagine to make it even more interesting.

-£3,000 at firebox

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