Giant Keyboard – The Coolest And Funniest Way To Play Piano

You want some cool and different way in playing a piano? Here’s Giant Keyboard that allows you to play piano using your very own feet. What? Yes, no matter if you are just a beginner or an advanced keyboardist, using your feet, you will be able to create music any time. How about that!

Giant Keyboard features eight special musical mechanism sounds that include your favorite piano, sax, guitar, harp and other sounds. Just select an instrument you would like to use and start pressing the keys with your feet, or you can even invite your friends over and let them play with you some chopstick time together. Cool!

Giant Keyboard also comes with 10 automated songs such as minuet and other favorite pieces, a record function so you can capture and play it back any time for some fun time with your friends. Ideal for kids ages 3 and above and uses four(4) pieces of double A batteries.

– £49.99 at iwantoneofthose