Giant Easter Egg – There’ll Be Enough Chocolate Treat For Everybody

No more hunting for egg this Easter Holiday, here’s Giant Easter Egg that will definitely grab the attention of all those Easter Egg hunters around.

This yummy and eye-catching egg will surely make everyone stop and fall in line to have a piece. No more monotonous treat this Easter with this ‘just laid’ giant chocolate egg.

Giant Easter Egg

Giant Easter Egg

The Giant Easter Egg stands at 40cm and 30cm wide and is filled with lots of great tasting chocolate fillings like cocoa mass and butter, whole milk and spinach powder, glucose syrup etc.etc…situate together inside its 2500g hollow milk chocolate body, sprinkled with some white chocolate buttons around to make it even more tempting.

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What are you waiting for? Order one now and don’t forget to tell everyone to stop hunting for ordinary treat and instead, assemble them because we’re pretty sure there will be enough chocolate treat for everybody. Just don’t forget to split it though.

-£69.99 at firebox