Giant 2 Foot Mazinger Z Figure – The Cutest and Biggest Robot Collectible Figure for Robot Fanatics

Cutest than our Star Wars Collectibles and tallest than our Alien Figures but then again, if you love to collect collectible figures then this one is a must.

I confess, I’m a big fan of Mazinger Z the robot of justice and defender of the universe. Still remember? Anyways, whether you are a fan or just looking for additional collection of your favorite robots then this 24 inch giant Mazinger Z figure is something you want to consider adding, it’s the biggest and cutest figure you’ll ever find in the entire universe.

Giant 2 Foot Mazinger Z FigureThis Giant 2 Feet Mazinger Z Figure was carved in Japan and is proudly made using polyethylene, the second most durable material just enough to give you and even your kids some years of conquering good from evil mechas.

This skillfully painted Mazinger Z Figure is also made and prepared using a high quality vinyl, it even comes with an articulation starting from its neck and down to its feet so it’ll look nice not just on your shelf but also to kids who wants to have some role playing fun time with their friends.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let Dr. Hell and its bad mechas rule the universe, get one now and get ready to conquer them with pride!

-$134.99 at thinkgeek