Galaxy Note 3 Rumors

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Even with the recent release of Samsung’s flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, new rumors about their next big phone are already making the rounds on the Internet. The Galaxy Note 3, successor to the widely successful Note 2, was first spotted in a Chinese-language site, The site posted a photo of the Galaxy S4 beside a taller, wider phone that appears to be a phablet of some sort. There’s no Samsung logo, so it could be some sort of prototype for their next phone in the works. It’s not yet confirmed if this is already the Note 3, but either way, it has generated a considerable amount of interest for Samsung’s flagship phablets.


Galaxy Note 3 Rumors

Large shoes to fill

The Galaxy Note 2 was a big hit for Samsung, as it singlehandedly proved that the phablet niche is indeed full of potential. The emergence of the Note 2 drove other manufacturers to come up with their own phablet – a mobile device with a screen bigger than five inches. Asus, HTC, Lenovo, and other Chinese brands all fielded their own versions, but Samsung clearly dominated the competition. Specs-wise, the Galaxy Note 2 was just as good as its Galaxy S counterpart, the S3. The selling point of the Note 2 however, is its size. This allows the users to literally do more with their phones, with the dual view mode feature of the JellyBean OS pairing perfectly with the smartphone’s spacious screen.

Rumors say that the Galaxy Note 3 will sport an even bigger screen, this time at 5.99 inches, just a hair away from becoming a hefty 6-incher. It is highly possible that Samsung will push for this screen size; after all, the company is known for trailblazing risks that can really make or break a brand. The Note 3 will still remain significantly smaller than a typical tablet, but will, no doubt, be able to do more than an ordinary 7-inch electronic slab. As it stands now, the Galaxy Note 2 is the perfect entertainment and business phone (read more) hybrid, allowing users to fully enjoy HD videos, games, and productivity apps without any hiccups.

What specs can we expect?

Along with the large screen size, rumors also hinted of a possible eight core Exynos Octa (quad-core 2GHz A15 and quad-core 1.7GHz A7 processors) with 3 GH RAM and the latest Android OS, JellyBean 4.2.2. On paper, this makes the rumored Galaxy Note 3 the most powerful smartphone made, even exceeding that of its Galaxy S counterpart, the S4. This is a considerable bump from that of the Galaxy Note 2, which packs a Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9 processor and industry-standard 2 GB RAM. With these specs, the rumored Note 3 will be more powerful (again, on paper) than most laptops in the market, so it opens up the possibility of this gadget integrating with a full computer setup.

The Note 3 is also projected to have a 13 MP rear and 2 MP front cameras, both HD, just like that of the Galaxy S4. And just like what Samsung has been doing for their past handsets, they’re also expected to release new software that showcases handset’s capability. These add-ons are considered as bloatware by some, but with the upgraded processor and memory, it’s highly unlikely that these added junk will slow the Note 3 down.

Selling features

Even though most of the abovementioned features are just rumors, there’s no doubt that the biggest draw of the Galaxy Note 3 is its screen real estate. Combine this with the Note-standard stylus and you have a consumer gadget that possibly has the best computing power pound-for-pound in the electronics world.

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