G-1 Glass Top Billiard Table – Now You Can Take That Side Pocket Shot Clearly

You want to take that side pocket shot seriously? Hmm, sure but at least do it strikingly right at this cool new glass top billiard table.

When it comes to very important ball pocketing situation, this G-1 Glass Top Billiard Table is simply the best when it comes to modern look and precision shots because with its ultimate design, seeing which pocket to target is just as clear as crystal water. Go ahead and knock it now.
G-1 Glass Top Billiard Table

G-1 Glass Top Billiard Table

G-1 Glass Top Billiard Table features the best quality monolithic float glass complete with bare naked edges polished naturally so you’ll have a firm and flat glass billiard table with your fellow billiard addict friends.

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What are you waiting for? Take full advantage of your pool shooting time now and don’t just watch this ultimate billiard table in its skeletal glass look or maybe look at how awesome the ball rolls back using its fully visible ball-return system feature, you simply can’t miss that shot with glass top pool table.

You want custom colors for this stylish pool table? No worries because it also comes with different series of powder-coated colors just to satisfy your mixed emotions.

-£34,999 at firebox


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