FT1 Skatemaster RC Skateboard – Your Kids Electric Powered Skateboard

If you love go cart drifting and skateboarding then here’s your chance of owning an electric powered skateboard that can easily be controlled using its wireless remote control. The FT1 Skatemaster RC Skateboard is not just one of those ordinary skateboards because it allows everyone to hop onboard and ride like a pro in just a matter of seconds. How? Well, simply step into the board, lean to either side to steer and use the remote control to manage the speed. Easy right!

FT1 Skatemaster RC Skateboard features a powerful 24 watt battery sealed tightly so you’ll never have to worry about its delicate components, a speed of 9 to 11 MPH with range of up to 6 to 7 miles and a wireless type 1 remote control. FT1 Skatemaster RC Skateboard comes with safety pads for your knees, elbows and wrists. The FT1 Skatemaster RC Skateboard is perfect for any dry and smooth terrains to keep its delicate mechanisms.

-£119.95 at boysstuff