Four iPhone iPad Charging Hub – Enjoy Effective and Efficient Simultaneous Battery Charging

Looking for a battery charger for your favorite devices? Use the Four iPhone iPad Charging Hub, a uniquely designed charging hub that can perfectly hold up to 4 of your favorite gadgets at the same time including your latest iPhone and iPad or any other USB-Charged capable gadgets.

Four iPhone iPad Charging Hub

This Four iPhone iPad Charging Hub is portable and requires less space, you can even position it on your desktop to charge up to 3 iPads and an iPhone or any combination you want, thanks to its easy to use 4-USB-ports, simultaneous charging is now anywhere anytime and efficient thing.

The Four iPhone iPad Charging Hub

No more knotted cables or messy wires, now you can prevent tangles because this charging hub has a stylishly designed cord eyelets and cord wrapping system so you’ll have a well-organized battery charging anytime.

Worry about power flows? Worry no more because this Four Charging Hub comes with a built-in safety protection measure from different power surges so you can be sure that all devices can be charged up effectively and efficiently. Just don’t forget to plug the hub though into an AC outlet.

-$149.95 at hammacher

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