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Flip Digital Video Camera – Your Simplest And Easiest Digital Camcorder

Here’s the world’s simplest and easiest camcorder that anyone can have a go. Whether you are trying to take those beautiful moments or shooting your dog dressed up like Yoda, the Flip Digital Video Camera is simply the elegant thing to choose even if you match up the result to cameras 5x the price.

The Flip Digital Video Camera features 1.5 TFT with built-in 2GB memory. It also features a very high sensitivity during low light conditions with auto-adaptive white and black balance and exposure. Flip Digital Video Camera Video has a frame rate of 30 frames per second, 4.5 Mbps Video Bitrates and an advanced profile MPEG4 AVI file format. The Flip Digital Video Camera also comes with a old little USB plug built into its covering that flips out at the touch of a button plus it lets you download your movies with no cables required.

– £119.95 at firebox