Fleece Blanket with Animal Toy – Your Kids Huggable Super Soft Animal Toy

Let’s face it, children loves animal toys especially if it is huggable. Whether it’s a pig, a cow or a sheep, these animal toys comes with a fleece blanket inside which makes it a fantastic versatile gift for your little ones.

Fleece Blanket With Animal Toy

Fleece Blanket With Animal Toy is a super soft animal toy with a zipper at the back for easy access to a fleece blanket inside. It measures 114 cm x 79 cm which is a fantastic size for children especially for car journeys or holidays. The Fleece Blanket With Animal Toy is easy to take in and out, your children can fill the animal toy with whatever they like when the blanket is not in their. Cool right! Grab one now.

– $15.32 at findmeagift