Fathers Day Samurai Umbrella – Uniquely Designed Just Like A Real Samurai

Give your dad a special gift this Father’s Day with this uniquely designed Samurai Umbrella.

Not like those ordinary boring umbrellas, this one really kicks ass as he walks down the street strapping at his back this samurai look alike ready to be whip out when clouds begins to get grayish.

samurai umbrella

Fathers Day Samurai Umbrella features a samurai sword handle with nylon sheath for carrying it at the back just like a real samurai.

Fathers Day Samurai Umbrella can easily be open just by pushing up a button and top it all, this uniquely designed Samurai Umbrella measures approximately 99cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm a perfect gift actually for all ages.

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-£39.99 at findmeagift
-$24.95 at amazon