FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device – Simulates A Real TV To Discourage Thieves From Breaking Into Your House

Worried about housebreakers? Here’s computer controlled FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device that simulates a real TV in your home at night to discourage a thief from breaking into your home because they think someone is still awake inside.

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device

The FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device features a super-bright multi-colored LED light that simulates a scene changes like on-screen motion, light fades and flickers, and color changes so it will look like somebody is watching a TV. Simply plug the FakeTV into the mains outlet, put it near your window with closed curtain and let the FakeTV’s light sensor turn automatically when it senses sunset.

– $56.85 at findmeagift

 FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device - 2      FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Device - 3


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