Extreme Dual Purpose Charger – Your Multipurpose Portable Charging Gadget

Extreme Dual Purpose Charger is a multipurpose portable charging unit capable of recharging rechargeable batteries and other devices like MP3’s, PDA’s and the like.

Extreme Dual Purpose Charger

The Extreme Dual Purpose Charger charges up to 4 batteries at once plus it features 6-Level Charge Protection, Timer Control Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection and Over or Short Circuit Protection. The Extreme Dual Purpose Charger also features a low current leakage system that minimizes loss of capacity and maintains charging of battery by controlling the current leakage plus it can detect defective and non-rechargeable batteries.

– £12.95 at boysstuff 

Extreme Dual Purpose Charger 2

Extreme Dual Purpose Charger 3

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