Elliptical Machine Office Desk – Now You Can Work and Burn Calories At The Same Time

Exercise while working? No problem, now you can burn calories while working on your deadline with this cool new gadget called Elliptical Machine Office Desk [SOURCE]. This office desk allows the user to pedal slowly so you don’t have to worry about breaking your concentration and sweating, simply work with confidence and exercise at the same time right in your very own office.

Elliptical Machine Office DeskElliptical Machine Office Desk

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk features an adjustable backrest, swivels and desk heights just perfect if you want some comfort while working, you even have the option to press a button for adjusting desk’s height. Want to try it?

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This Cool Office Desk also comes with a performance monitor function so you can keep track of your exercise performances, you can even store your calories burned, rpm and track distance and watch them straight at its LED screen for monitoring. This Elliptical Machine Office Desk can handle up to 300lbs and plugs directly into AC outlet.

Don’t waste your office time, now you can exercise at the same time finish your office work confidently with this uniquely designed office desk.

-$8,000.00 at hammacher