Eco-Pur Filters In Twilight Master Spas Offer The Cleanest Water

This guest article is by Sam Rutter of masterspaparts.

The most annoying thing about having a spa is to get the water tested almost every week. People have to spend thousands of dollars on maintenance even in times when they are not using the spa! It is very important to keep the chemical balance in line or it could lead to bacteria growth, slimy shell surface, and cloudy water. Fortunately, there are products available today that can help cut down on maintenance.

The Eco Pur filtration system is a low maintenance system used exclusively with Master Spas. It is available on their twilight series spas, Legend series, and Down East line. The whole concept behind the filter is to cut down on daily maintenance and reduce the chemical use. The company does this by utilizing the same multi-stage filtration method as Mother Nature. In fact, using an Eco Pur filter reduces the amount of chlorine needed in a spa by 35%.


Recognized for water refining abilities

The rewards of using this filter are many, and the owner can count on this process to keep the water clear and hygienic. Each drop is circulated through the system more than four times every hour while consuming a lot less electricity than an average system. This means the hot tub conserves energy and chemical usage while offering pure relaxation and hydrothermal therapy.

The Bottom Line

An EcoPur filter significantly decreases the need to utilize harsh chemicals while cleaning the water and eliminating water impurities. This results in a decrease in adverse reactions to chemicals (such as skin irritation and excessive wear on swim suits) while still keeping the water clear and sanitary.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to spend a lot of time determining the look of a spa. We want it to match with the rest of the furniture, to look good. But there is another factor that needs more consideration than this: our family’s health. Layers of contaminants can reduce the quality of water and even a tiny bit of buildup can limit the water flow. An eco pur filter in twilight series spas can help repair these problems and offer a better experience. So, if you are looking for suitable Spa Eco pur Filters then Master Spa Parts provide a wide range of supplies that take care of all your needs. For more information, visit