Eco Button – Reduce The Carbon Footprint Every time You Leave Your Desk

Want to know how much power you’re wasting when you leave your PC inactive? Here’s Eco Button that will make sure that your PC and monitor draws a little power as possible. How? Just plug this wonderful gadget into your USB port, give it a tap and see how many carbon units you’ve saved plus it’ll show you how much cash would have been spent if you would left the computer on.

Eco Button

The Eco Button features a USB powered eco button that will switch your computer over to eco-mode and reduce the carbon footprint every time you leave your desk. In order to produce an accurate cost and energy saving tracker, the setup asks you numerous questions relating to the power consumption of your PC it will even keep a running total for as long as you keep using the eco button.

– $26.98 at iwantoneofthose

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