E300 Razor Electric Scooter – With 15mph Speed And Fast Battery Charging Feature

E300 Razor Electric ScooterWith speed of up to 15mph, the latest E300 Razor Electric Scooter is ideal for kids and adults who loves to speed up their way around be it electrically powered or simply by enjoying a freewheel drive especially with those down the hill scenes.

With E300 Razor Electric Scooter’s portability and fast battery charging feature, cruising around all day anytime and anywhere is simply amazing and fulfilling.

E300 Razor Electric Scooter 2E300 Razor Electric Scooter also features a high torque motor with twist grip acceleration plus it also comes with a front and rear wheel suspension and protection and a handlebar fold mechanism for easy storing.

This electric scooter also handles a maximum of 100kgs in weight because it uses 25cm pneumatic tires so it can transport almost any type of body weights around quietly.

– £269.95 at boysstuff

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  1. When you first start looking into electric bikes, you may be discouraged by the lack of variety between models.

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