Dyna Mosquito Trap – The Natural Attractant Mosquito Trapping Device

Dyna Mosquito Trap —[SOURCE]— is the perfect trapping device and for getting rid of those blood-sucking mosquitoes because unlike other ordinary mosquito killing device, the Dyna Trap is capable of naturally attracting flying mosquitoes and killing them without using any unsafe chemicals.

Thanks to the traps unique function and because it uses UV heat from its uniquely designed bulbs that once mosquitoes are being drawn to its removable net, they will pass away of dehydration.

Dyna Mosquito Trap

Dyna Mosquito Trap

This Mosquito Trap features 5K of rated UV bulbs plus it doesn’t produce any biological agents not like those ordinary propane system that needs repeated refills and release pathogens when an insect is killed.

Dyna Mosquito Trap also comes with a built-in fan and removable net and plugs directly into an AC outlet.

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– $199.95 at hammacher