Dual Attractant Mosquito Trap – The Cool New Way To Exterminate Flying Mosquitoes

Mosquito problem? Not anymore with this Dual Attractant Mosquito Trap —[SOURCE]— designed perfectly to exterminate flying mosquitoes using only the most unique and effective method.

With Dual Attractant Mosquito Trap’s inimitable and specially designed light frequency and octenol feature, attracting and drawing mosquitoes on the way to its trap is easy as turning it on anywhere and anytime plus it also comes with a uniquely designed net for trapping mosquitoes.

Dual Attractant Mosquito Trap

Dual Attractant Mosquito Trap

Dual Attractant Mosquito Trap is capable of capturing and eliminating mosquitoes up to 1300+ per night and once the unit’s fan start pulling mosquitoes into the net, there’s no letting go, because once they’re inside, all trapped mosquitoes will die in dryness.

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This mosquito trap also comes with 1 strip of octenol good for 30 days use and a built-in timer for selecting what time of day or night you want this device to start trapping mosquitoes. Just plug and go.

-$249.95 at hammacher