Dragon APX Frameless Goggles – Essentially the Most Advanced Winter Ski and Boarding Goggle to have

Dragon APX Frameless Goggles is essentially the most advanced winter skiing and boarding goggles to have because besides its frameless and radical all-lens look, this ski and board goggle is simply capable of withstanding even the most inconsiderate snow condition so that every time you fast down that slope you’ll be able to enjoy it without any second thought.

Dragon APX Frameless GogglesDragon APX Frameless Goggles uses the best and most advanced infinity lens technology that is helmet compatible, it also comes with an optically correct lens, polar tech micro fleece and a super anti-fog feature so it does not cut any amount of unfair vision every time you hit the slope.

Compared to other goggles out there, this frameless goggles also features an ionized lens with triple layer foam inside so you’ll feel comfortable wearing it at the same time you don’t worry about moisture especially on different light level conditions.

-£154.99 at firebox