Door Peephole – The Peephole Security Viewer with LCD Panel

Door Peephole ViewerWith Door Peephole Security Viewer, now you can easily peep on who’s into your front door before opening keeping you protected from bad people to come in and steal. Peephole Security Viewer is not just one of those ordinary peephole devices wherein it can be seen whose inside using some kind of high tech lenses, with Peephole Security Viewer, you can be sure that you’re family is secured behind the door using its uniquely designed LCD panel.

Door Peephole Security Viewer operates with just a push of a button. It also comes with a 2.5” LCD display that balances display images and other deformations. Peephole needs two double A batteries and includes a quick installation guide so you can start securing your front doors.

– $119.99 at thinkgeek